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Power flexibility market - CoordiNet


The CoordiNet project seeks to explore the value of flexibility through the creation of a power flexibility market. At times when many want to use electricity, participants in the market can offer to reduce their electricity use or increase the electricity production and sell this flexibility service to the distribution grid operator Vattenfall. Flexibility of power use is an overlooked resource today. Unlocking the potential of flexibility is crucial for the transition to a climate positive city. It makes possible the electrification of transport and industry, handles the increased use of electricity for heating and allows more variable renewable energy to be used in the energy system. Flexibility can also alleviate grid congestion issues. Anyone that can reduce electricity use or increase electricity generation on demand has flexibility to offer. However, there are not enough incentives today to fully seize this opportunity.
All this is especially needed in Uppsala, where grid congestion stands in the way of the city’s growth and transition to climate positivity. Reinforcement of the grid is years away, so creative solutions are needed today.

CoordiNet lets energy users play a more active role in the transition of the energy system and opens new revenue streams for consumers providing grid services. It creates space for new types of actors, such as aggregators who enable smaller flexibility providers to participate by uniting small resources to a larger bid. Focus is shifting to not only consider electric energy but also electric power. The Coordinet project addresses the challenges of realizing the value of flexibility. For the municipality of Uppsala, CoordiNet plays an important role in finding solutions to the grid congestion and enable the shift to 100 % renewable energy, as well as allowing more consumers to be part of and benefit from the energy transition. The municipality plays an active role in involving more actors and aims to develop an aggregator role for its own resources.

CoordiNet is a Horizon 2020-funded project aiming to improve the coordination between grid operators, consumers and other market actors. The Swedish demonstration has four sites; Uppsala, Malmö, Gotland and Västernorrland. Uppsala and Malmö have similar demand side challenges, while the demos in Gotland and Västernorrland are related to wind power generation. The partners of the Swedish demo are Vattenfall Eldistribution, Svenska Kraftnät, E.ON Energidistribution, Energiforsk, Expektra and the municipality of Uppsala.

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