Polluted water treatment


Purifying water by means of Advance Oxidation Technology (AOT) based on a Hydro Non- Thermal Plasma (HNTP) treatment concept. The technology is aiming to treat water polluted with micro-organic pollution caused by Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) aromatic compounds etc. Aquapure technology is an AOT system based on the HNTP treatment concept. It is built of three major components: reactor generator and electrodes. The polluted water flows inside the reactor in a thin film between two electrodes. The plasma is formed in the space between the electrodes and the running water by a high voltage discharge of short electric pulse. The discharge produces strong oxidants agents and high energy electron which generate an electron wind towards the water surface.


In Aquapure technology the hydroxyl radical is the most active radical it oxidize the organic molecules to simpler harmless molecules theoretical all the way down to carbon dioxide and water.; Proven record of commercial use

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