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Pilot for sustainable energy system: the island of Gotland


The island of Gotland has been chosen as a pilot region for Sweden's transition to the future sustainable energy system. The main requirements for this transition are a safe and reliable energy supply that is both ecologically sustainable and economically competitive. Sweden has set an aim to reach zero net emissions of greenhouse gases by 2045. As part of achieving the objectives, the Swedish Energy Agency has been commissioned to ensure that Gotland is a pilot area that precedes the transition to a sustainable energy system. A roadmap has been developed for Gotland and is intended to be implemented to strengthen Gotland to achieve its energy and climate goals earlier than the rest of Sweden.

A regional holistic approach enables interaction between the various sectors of the energy system and between different societal actors. The adjustment work must include secure energy supply both in peacetime and at heightened preparedness. The roadmap contains seven action areas developed with regard to Gotland local challenges: flexible and robust electrical system, climate-smart industry, transport, resource-efficient buildings, secure energy supply and emergency preparedness issues.

The measures will increase security of supply, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase the share of renewable electricity production, competitiveness and ecological sustainability. The goal is for the measures to provide lessons and inspiration to both the rest of the country and abroad.

In addition to the objectives, a local 'Energy Center' has been established in Gotland - a regionally cohesive arena where technology, business models and regulations can be tested. Visit the energy center to learn about Gotland's initiatives to achieve an energy system with zero net emissions of greenhouse gases!

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