Photovoltaic (PV) electricity generation


Eternegy Ltd. has developed a unique green and cost-effective way to improve Photovoltaic (PV) electricity generation. Our state of the art solar-tracking technology improves reliability) and dramatically reduces costs. Their goal is to help bring utility-scale solar power generation to 'grid parity' rates (electricity cost at regular grid rates) by reducing capital and operational ‘expenditures. The Solar energy market and the PV segment in particular has become a multi-billion dollar market in the past few years (80Bn dollars in 2010) and future annual growth rates well above 25 percent are expected. The Eternegy Tracker is designed to meet the needs of all utility scale PV solar projects currently seen in the USA Germany Spain China and India. It is also designed to meet the needs of PV solar projects planned or expected in all other relevant countries such as Morocco Australia and many more. The Tracker market is a subset of the PV utility-scale market. Currently a $2bn market it is expanding rapidly.


The technology promises to be the most effective and efficient approach and is designed to be greener and more cost-effective than any other system available. 1. Greener: Fewer materials Less shipping Easier installation 2. Cost-effective a. 50% less steel and concrete than other trackers b. Improved wind resistance (less down time) c. Reduced maintenance costs d. 40% more electricity than fixed panels; Proven record of commercial use

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