Photo Reversible Reusable Polymers

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The limitation is that most plastics cannot be recycled or reused to form the same object due to degradation of chemical structure. The need is for novel technologies that would enable plastics to be recycled or reused over and over again to reform the same object or objects of similar composition without losing its chemical properties (i.e. becoming weaker) e.g. the plastic material used for a cellphone casing can be reformed into another cellphone casing rather than turned into a plastic bag. There is a need for reusable and recyclable plastics to reduce the environmental impact of plastics.Solution This newly invented (PCT patented) technology offers a unique method for creating photo reversible reusable polymers (recycled plastics) as depicted below where a polymer (plastic) can be reversed to a monomer (powder) using UV light and reused to create another polymer (plastic) of similar structural integrity. Furthermore this photo-reversal from polymer to monomer can be optimised to be performed within a minute.

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