Photo-Induced Temperature Swing Separation And Conversion Of Carbon Dioxide To Carbon Monoxide

Background: The University of South Florida has developed a new material and a method for the management of Carbon Dioxide. Technology Description: The focus of this invention is to reduce Carbon Dioxide to a useful chemical feedstock by using solar energy to reduce conventional energy requirements for the process. The technology addresses carbon capture and conversion in an environmental and energy efficient manner. The invention would be used to capture Carbon Dioxide in the effluent from a commercial scale point source of the Carbon Dioxide. This technology utilizes a novel chemical route for the transformation of Carbon Dioxide to Carbon Monoxide and Oxygen. Applications: 1) carbon capture systems 2) fertilizer industries


1) Better approach than traditional ways 2) Eliminates point source CO2 emissions 3) Use of solar energy reduces cost 4) Can be paired with other processes to make liquid fuels

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