Pheromone insect traps LOSKA


Researchers from a Slovak forestry agency have developed highly effective pheromone insect traps suitable for capturing bark and wood boring beetles with the purpose of monitoring and inspection of forest protection. The pheromone trap is available in two different shape variants both providing high quality of collected samples and 20 - 30% increase in collecting efficiency compared to currently available technologies. The agency seeks companies interested in technology purchase or licensing agreement. The offered pheromone insect trap LOSKA is available in two variants: LOSKA 1 is a funnel insect trap. It consists of 12 connected funnels with the bottom funnel adapted to support the collection container and to disable the escape of captured bark and wood boring beetles. All funnels are attached with three separate wire ropes. The funnel design provides uniform collecting efficiency from every direction. The collection container is sufficiently large and adjusted to water drainage which is one of the main problems with existing models of pheromone insect traps. LOSKA 2 is a cross vane insect trap made of resistant and durable foil. It has a large impact surface and is easily foldable. The foil is attached on two crossing metal structures which can be disassembled for compact storability. One large funnel is placed on the bottom side of the trap and is used to collect the captured bark beetles into the collection container. The collection container is based on the same design as in LOSKA 1. In future it can be supplemented with a scale of the amount of collected bark beetles which would facilitate the operation of the insect trap. Pheromone insect traps particularly bark and wood boring beetle traps are currently being used for monitoring and inspection of the population density of bark and wood boring beetles in forest environment. The purpose is to obtain samples for the research in the field of forest protection. The introduced technology represents innovative pheromone insect trap available in two design types both providing higher collecting efficiency and higher quality of collected samples. Prototypes are currently being tested in the forests of Vysoké Tatry Slovakia.


20 - 30% increase in collecting efficiency compared to available technologies; high quality of collected samples; collection container adjusted to water drainage; storability; made of light and durable materials.; Prototype series tested in real conditions currently in use in the forests of Vysoké Tatry Slovakia.

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