PHBV/Ground Bone Meal and Pumice Powder Engineered Biobased Composite Materials for Construction


A biobased polymeric material engineered to preferentially absorb and retain moisture in high humidity environments. The filler made from biosynthesized natural materials and industrial waste products in combination with the biobased polymer forms a material that retains water in high humidity environments. The use of this material as a surface layer in natural fiber composites inhibits the absorption of moisture into the core structural material component. The absorption/desorption of moisture is contained within the coating membrane thus preserving the mechanical performance and increasing the service life and long-term durability of the biobased composite material.


In regard to material development the use of a natural biobased polymer will replace petroleum-derived commercial plastics used to construct fiber-reinforced polymer composites (polypropylene polystyrene polyester etc). Natural fibers are used instead of synthetic fibers (glass carbon aramid) because of low cost availability and good strength/stiffness properties. The base structural material while sensitive to moisture is completely biodegradable.

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