Passive houses in Beckomberga

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In the northern parts of Bromma, two so called ”passive-houses” are being built. Passive houses are particulary isolated, with an efficient heat recycling system and energy-efficient windows. They need 50% less energy compared to conventional multi-dwelling buildings.

In the district of Bromma, a new green quarter with 900 new dwellings, is going to be built during the next two years. This autumn, two multi-dwelling buildings are already finished, which are so isolated, that they require 50 % less energy, compared to ordinary multi-dwelling buildings. The so-called passive-houses are heated in principle by body heat, electrical appliances and lighting. Only during the coldest days in winter, an extra energy source is needed. In addition, the houses posses white goods and water armatures of best energy quality. With rising energy prices, it is both safe and profitable to live in a passive house. And of course, the environment benefits from energy efficient houses.

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