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Electric vehicle growth poses both challenges and opportunities for the electric grid. The charging of electrical vehicles is an additional demand for electricity and since a majority of charging happens at home end, a lot of the demand for charging can happen in the evenings when people return from work. For the electric grids, it can become expensive to meet the demand at peak periods. 

Vehicle to grid (V2G) integration is consider a solution to solving the problem for grids and converting the EVs as a part of solution. V2G is a system where electric vehicles, plug in hybrids or hydrogen vehicles communicate with the grid and sell demand response services such as supplying back electricity or slowing down the rate of charging.  

The Parker project validates that electric vehicles can support the power grid and provide seamless support to the power grid both locally and system-wide. Furthermore, it addresses barriers related to market, technology and users to pave the way for further commercialization.

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