OSU-USDA Berries

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\'Onyx\'—Trailing Blackberry: Oregon State University is seeking to commercialize Onyx a new blackberry hybrid plant. Jointly developed by the OSU Horticulture department and USDA Agricultural Research Service Onyx yields firm sweet and high quality fruit that is suitable for local and wholesale fresh market. Yields and berry quality have been evaluated extensively in observation plots and commercial orchards. In these trials berry yield and berry weight of Onyx were better than or comparable to the yield and weight of two other commercially available blackberry plants. When compared to the commercial blackberries Onyx has better color higher firmness and can better withstand damage from cold. In a small scale trial Onyx berries showed little or no damage during shipping and handling. Applications: •High yield excellent fruit quality and healthy plants •High quality fresh fruit for late season •Berry flavor is sweet and fruity and has less acidity

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