Organic model farm at Nynäs gård

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At Nynäs gård, there is a biogas installation, which is designed for the farm's phosphorus needs. The farm does no longer need to purchase any chemical fertilizers, nor does it need to buy fuel for its vehicles.

Since 2005, Nynäs Gård (Nynäs farm) produces its own biogas by digesting household waste from adjacent restaurants and grocery stores in Trosa municipality. Thanks to the newly-built biogas installation, the farm has been able to replace the use of fertilizer with nutrient-rich residue, which is obtained from the digestion process. A gas treatment installation on the farm enables the upgrading of methane gas into biogas (vehicle fuel), which is directly used on the farm as fuel for vehicles. It is also used for heating the nearby-situated castle. Approximately 5 million kronor (500.00 Euros) have been invested in this project, resulting in the production of 10 cubic meters of gas per hour, which is equivalent to 6 liters of diesel. Thanks to this investment, the municipality also eliminates 900 t of waste waste, which would otherwise have gone to landfill.

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Stockholm Cleantech, Nynäs slott, 611 99 Tystberga, 0155 - 26 15 05, [email protected]

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