Organic absorption heat pump system


Organic absorption heat pump (AHP) system offers highly efficient performance contributing reduction of CO2 which is an universal proposition. Even the climate tends to warmer consumption of electricity should be saved in order to reduce CO2 exhaust. This Appliance may be used for Heating Cooling and Domestic Hot Water Production developed originally for use in individual house. AHP is an Air-Source or Geothermal-Source Heat Pump driven not by electricity but by natural Gas of minimum volume. One of the feature of this system is a new organic working fluids namely trifluoroethanol (TFE) as the refrigerant and dimethylimidazolidinone (DMI) as absorbent which GWP (Global Warming Potential)and ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) are Zero. Heat and Mass transfer characteristics for the suggested pair (TFE+DMI) are outstanding in practical with the originally developed heat exchange structure (patented). AHP realizes High Efficiency which COP (Coefficient Of Performance ) is more than 1.7. more efficient rather electric-driven heat pump system. (Figure Depends on operating Conditions Expressed in Ratio of Heat Output Over Primary Energy Consumption). Therefore AHP performs as Energy Bill Saving Less heating expense compared to conventional heating/cooling system. Development for commercialization for in-house-use is on going by exclusive license. This system will be efficient in the use where the sufficient electricity is difficult to obtain such as facilities on river or sea.


Prevention of Global Warming : Contribute CO2 Reduction as Cooling media is not environmental burden refrigerant and Heat Pump Is Driven by Gas. AHP is classified as renewable energy appliance since it makes use of energy in nature (air/geo-thermal). Air and/or Geothermal source heat pump supplies high efficiency heating/cooling and hot-water supply with lower energy. The combination of above refrigerant and absorbent materials also realize efficient heat and mass transfer. Those features contribute to reduce CO2 and save money for individual electricity.; Products for building/house use are under final development for commericalization by exclusively licensed company.

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