Optimized urban drainage

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Deltares is an independent institute for applied research in the field of water and the subsurface. Throughout the world, they work on smart solutions and applications for people, environment and society. To support water authorities, consultancy firms, research institutes and universities worldwide, Deltares offers an integrated 1D/2D modelling suite called SOBEK for integral water solutions. SOBEK is a  modelling suite for flood forecasting, optimization of drainage systems, control of irrigation systems, sewer overflow design, river morphology, salt water intrusion and surface water quality. The modules within the SOBEK modelling suite simulate the complex flows and the water related processes in almost any system. The modules represent phenomena and physical processes in an accurate way in one-dimensional (1D) network systems and on two-dimensional (2D) horizontal grids.

Source: https://www.deltares.nl/en/software/sobek/

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