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One-Step Steam Reforming Plus Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis to Produce Liquid Fuels from Natural Gas

Background: The University of South Florida (USF) has developed a novel method to produce liquid fuels from natural gas. Technology Description: USF inventors have successfully developed a novel method that combines the reforming process and Fisher-Tropsch Synthesis into a single operation within a single reactor. The reactor contains a hybrid catalyst system capable of combining endothermic steam reforming with exothermic Fischer-Tropsch reactions into a single intensified process thus avoiding the costly energy penalties and mass recycles. This radically alters the economics. This technology is applicable to the chemical industries and to all other energy production industries. Applications: Energy production


1) Process integration leads to improved economics 2) Separations combined with reactions decreases energy costs 3) Atom efficiency for process improved 4) Improved heat transfer leads to high efficiencies 5) Fuel produced is similar to that derived from petroleum 6) Adaptable to many fuel feedstocks

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