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Ohboy, the Bicycle house!


Cykelhuset Ohboy (Ohboy, the Bicycle house) is designed, built and owned by the architects Hauschild + Siegel. When owning the process from the sketch table to the finished product these architects really can follow up on their vision and align the product with their original plans. The house is partly rental apartments and partly long-stay hotel. All apartments are designed for a simple way of living enabling the residents to aim for a cost-effective lifestyle. Instead of using a lot of space for car parking lots this house wants to encourage using your bicycle and public transports for all of your activities. Thus, there is no parking lots connected to the house, but instead a lot of parking space for your bikes. There is a bike shop for when you need to fix your bike. And all apartments are accessible with your bike, even on the 8th floor.

With no compromises in the greening of the building all surfaces are used for green. In front of the house is a lush green wall of trees and climbing plants. In the small and shady courtyard tall exotic trees try to reach the sun, creating a feeling of being in a lot more tropic place than Sweden. The rooftop is a green roof focused on biodiversity. Pines, small shrubs and herbs share the space with succulents, creating an area perfect for pollinating insects and birdlife. On the bike shops roof there is a water detention roof that reminds you of a swamp with flowering plants and a constant water flow.

This house is truly a green ecologic oasis in an otherwise concrete dens area. With focus on social sustainability and a lot of innovation this building shows a glimpse of the smart city future.

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Lilla Varvsgatan 24 21175 Malmö Skåne län

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