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Nuvve bi directional charger

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EV chargers are classified as per the speed of charging (slow, fast and rapid) and the whether they provide AC or DC current as an output. However, in general all these chargers are designed to take electricity from grid and not vice versa. If EVs have to also supply electricity back to the grid as is required for Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) applications then we need bi-directional chargers.
NUVVE is one such company that provides complete Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) solutions including V2G bidirectional chargers which are preconfigured to work with NUVVE’s Grid Integrated Platform (GIVe™). The technology is compatible with several charger manufacturing standards both in DC (such as CHAdeMO) and AC mode.

The latest NUVVE AC charger delivers up to 100kW of power in three phase configuration and 19kW of power in single phase configuration in a compact size package (wall mount or with pedestal). AC bidirectional chargers are ideal for AC EV charging and AC electric bus charging and have been used by Nuvve in projects both in Europe a+F14nd in the USA.

The key benefits of bi-directional chargers is that allow EVs, plug in hybrids and hydrogen vehicles to also become a source of power in peak load periods and as storage devices when there is surplus power in the grid.

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