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NP 1600 :innovative product that replaces antibiotics in livestock farming


NP 1600 is a natural multipurpose complex against multifactorial poultry diseases By replacing 3 products (Antibiotics Anticoccidals and Mycotoxin fixators) NP1600 is an effective and cost saving alternative to the previous treatments it is an affordable product that can be used in both developed and developing countries


Natural: NP1600 is a mixture of natural products (clays and phenolic compounds) known for their antibiotic and anticoccidal effect without any toxicity Cost-saving: NP1600 is an affordable alternative to the use of other feed additives: antibiotics anticoccidials and mycotoxin fixator Patented and suitable in different contexts: NP1600’s composition is patented by LIPAV with the potential to be marketed in both developing and developed countries; NP1600 is marketed in morocco by Lipav and have a promising potential to be marketed in both developing and developed countries

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