Novel Method for Microbial Screening for Improved Biofuel Production Process


The invention improves the biofuel production process by providing a novel method for the screening of generated phenotypes of process organisms. Whereas previous methods to express heterogonous genes leave much of the genetic information unable to be screened this method instead enhances heterogonous gene expression through specifically engineering the transcriptional machinery of the host organism. This engineering involves manipulating the host machinery with sigma factors and RNA-polymerase (both essential to the transcription process) of the donor organism. The screening process is ameliorated because the host transcription machinery is thus able to recognize a greater variety of promoters thereby increasing the number of heterogonous genes that are expressed and that are able to be screened for desirability. Moreover the process of changing the host machinery can itself be manipulated so that more specific promoters for more specific process conditions can be utilized. This would even further enhance the screening process. Applications: Biofuel production


1) Improves the screening process to find the desired phenotype of a biofuel process organism from a large number of phenotypes. 2) Can be applied to a large variety of donor and host organisms. 3) Allows for host organism transcription machinery to be engineered in order to meet very specific criteria of a production process.

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