Novel filtration-adsorption method for water treatment


General description EN GIBTON’S ClayMix is based on proprietary patented technology of Micelle-Clay and Organo- Clay complexes mixed with Sand- Clay creating multi-layer granular media mixtures. Anionic neutral and same cationic dissolved contaminant molecules are adsorbed into the complexes and removed from .water during filtration or settling processes. ClayMix treatment systems appear as two market products: adsorption-filtration system and adsorptionsettling system. ClayMix systems are designed for installation at: Contaminated groundwater wells Contaminated surface water bodies (streams rivers lakes reservoirs). Wastewater processing facilities (industrial plants). The company has executed projects in the past such as: 1. Pilot test in Yashresh well (beta site)- successful low cost removal of Perchlorate at beta site (Yashresh well) pilot test using filter prototype of small commercial scale. Organic contaminants- successful low cost removal of pesticides solvents hormones and various substances especially anionic and nonionics in acidic and neutral conditions using lab filtration bench scale system; Micro-organisms: initial removal of cryptosporidium from surface water using lab filtration bench scale. 2. Wastewater treatment: successful low cost removal of TOC (total organic carbons) from chemical agrochemical detergents and other industrial organic wastes (environmental services company RH) using lab filtration and suspension system.


ClayMix removes contaminants from water in a low cost effective and completely environment friendly manner than standard technologies.

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