A novel field effect transistor using single crystal 6.1 Å II-VI and III-V semiconductors


Improved semiconductor material systems for example systems employing common lattice constants are desirable to facilitate production of semiconductor devices. A common lattice constant can allow monolithic integration of multiple devises with electronic functionality. Improved semiconductor materials systems are desirable. Current research at ASU has developed technology that is designed to improve semiconductor materials systems. The 6.1 Å semiconductor family provides a unique lattice-matched materials platform which not only covers a broad bandgap energy range from UV to LWIR but also offers very high mobilities for both electrons and holes ideal for electronic devices. The research uses InAsSb/ZnTe and InGaSb/ZnTe double heterostructures grown on Si substrates for future CMOS ICs. In parallel the research also developed ZnTe virtual substrates on various binary substrates such as Si GaAs InP etc. These new virtual substrates with highly resistive ZnTe grown on insulating substrate such as Si and GaAs have overcome a major drawback of GaSb substrates that are quite conductive at room temperature but not suitable for electronic device applications. Potential Applications: (1) Lasers (2) Semiconductors (3) Photodiode (4) Focal Plane Array


(1) Higher Quality (2) No broken bonds lower interface scattering and higher interface quality (3) High Mobility Channel (4) Over 20 times greater than Si (5) Enables Further Scaling of FETs (6) Made of a single crystal it is possible to grow in thin layers on the order of a few mono layers (7) Faster Switching - 600 GHz for INAs HEMT

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