Novel Capacitor for Rechargeable Batteries with Longer Lifetimes

Background: The lithium ion battery is currently the state of the art battery used in industry for its medium-length lifetime and constant charge capacity throughout its lifetime. This type of battery however is costly to produce and does not have a long enough lifetime to support some devices in high-current applications for as long as is desirable. Technology Description: Researchers at the University of California Santa Barbara have developed a novel type of capacitor used to create rechargeable batteries with extremely long lifetimes. These batteries can last up to 16 times as long as state of the art lithium ion batteries and are also cheaper and easier to manufacture. This type of battery specializes in quick power delivery complementing existing batteries (in electric cars etc.) and working as the electric power source in hybrid vehicles (alongside the gas engine). Applications: 1) Batteries 2) Capacitors 3) Hybrid & electric cars 4) Other Electric vehicles (trains buses etc.)


1) Very long lifetime (up to 16 times state of the art) 2) Very efficient quick power delivery 3) Cheaper to make than lithium ion batteries 4) Manufacture uses standard equipment

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