Novel Algae for Biofuels Production

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Background: Whether we are past right on top of or heading towards peak oil production we are experiencing a consistent increase in demand for renewable energy sources as our dependence on oil becomes more prominent. There is much need for biofuel as a renewable source of energy as it has positive sustainability factors. Shell ExxonMobil and British Petroleum have made substantial investments in algal biofuel production. Any amount of fuel produced would be easily consumed by the market. Current methods of biofuel production utilize crops that could otherwise be used for agriculture. Current methods of algal biofuel production call for great efficient methods of extraction. Technology Description: Researchers at the University of New Mexico have identified a strain of autotrophic algae consisting of a unique sequence of DNA. The strain produces robust levels of carotenoids and lipids under limiting conditions. Applications: Biofuels


1) Unicellular heterotrophy with tendency to form clusters. 2) Growth rates beta carotene production and lipid production from this alga are robust suggesting its potential in commercial biofuel operations.

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