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Norikool ADS

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Norikool – ADS is an energy efficient daylighting system that could replace the translucent Strip/Roof lights in Industries. Compared to the translucent sheets, these tubular day lighting systems are easy to maintain, with reduced heat generation and better light diffusion and transmission.

Working Principle
The Norikool is a Double/Triple glazing passive Solar Day lighting system  made of high performance prismatic lens with a light diffuser delivering exceptional daylight to indoor spaces.

Benefits Of Norikool
Energy saving potential up to 1 Kwh
Reduction of carbon footprint
Long Daylighting Hours
Reduce energy consumption ( for 9 to 10 hrs in a day)
Payback period < 2 years
Less heat buildup
Less than 2% of Roof area for Daylighting

Manufactured with high impact strength, UV Resistant, prismatic polycarbonate lens
More than 1500 sq ft of area coverage with high light transmission
High Light Transmission of > 72% of available Sunlight outside
Very Low percentage of Skylight to Floor Ratio [ < 2% ]
Lumens output: 60000 lumens
Uniform lighting distribution across the space.
Double/Triple glazed system.
Noise reduction.
Factory manufactured metal Kerb for leak proof arrangement.
Long life, maintenance free Day lighting solution.
Warranty for 5 Years.
Day lighting improves LEED ratings of green buildings.

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