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Non-chemical Cooling Tower water treatment

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EST - The Electrochemical Scale Treatment System (E.S.T) is a state of the art patented system which prevents scaling prevents bio fouling microorganism growth inhibits corrosion produces oxidants in the water and prevents the spread of airborne bacteria. Using a unique electrochemical process the E.S.T system actively efficiently and cost effectively deals with the problems associated with cooling water systems without using harmful chemicals. LPB - Elgressy’s LPB system facilitates the automatic control and eradication of microorganisms including Legionella Pneumophila bacteria in hot water systems. The system is based on an electrochemical process which reduces significantly the buildup of sediment and scale within hot water systems. SCP - (Scale Crystallization Prevention) is an electrolytic system that prevents scale deposition reduces and removes chlorine and bacteria from the water and substantially reduces corrosion rates. The SCP is connected externally to the heat exchange unit and needs no complicated installation procedures or changes to your existing system. This in itself represents a significant saving in installation and maintenance costs.


Elgressy Engineering Services Ltd. has been active in the field of water treatment for over 30 years and has thousands systems installed worldwide. Elgressy develops and markets comprehensive solutions and systems for the treatment and prevention of common water related problems including: scale bacteria and corrosion. Elgressy also provides solutions for the reclamation of water with high concentrations of organic matter waste water and effluent reuse.; Proven record of commercial use

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