Nitto Energy Monitoring System (NEMS)

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The efficient use of energy is becoming crucial for most organizations not only to reduce wastage and consumption but more importantly, to save costs and improve competitiveness. Besides helping the environment, energy efficiency is also vital to most industries because the rising costs of electricity is cutting into their margins resulting in lower earnings.

Nitto Energy Monitoring System (NEMS) can be easily deployed, simple to install, and requires very low maintenance. We have harnessed the use of a monitoring system as solution to help large electrical consumers monitor their energy usage patterns accurately to achieve higher efficiency. Together with the iSCADA technology platform, the package is complete to further enhance data monitoring, improve operating output and enable proactive solutions for a reduction in energy bills.

# 24/7 monitoring on your energy consumption

# High accuracy on data monitored & retrieved by minutes in report/Excel format

# Data is more accessible with Internet connection by Authorized User

# Proactive Maintenance with Alert System should there be breakdown of equipment

# No capital investment on extensive hardware, software and IT maintenance cost

# High customization on monitoring for various channel eg, electricity, water flow rate, walk-in rate, temperature, humidity etc

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