New US Patent for GRAPHENE awarded to Ion Power Group - seeking financial partner


On May 3rd 2016 a ground breaking US Patent 9331603 was issued to Ion Power Group for GRAPHENE for ion energy collection on space stations moon and Mars structures rockets satellites planetary drones and rovers including robots and artificial intelligence entities airplanes air and ground drones blimps balloons kites cars boats trucks (including automobile and other transportation conveyance tires) trains motorcycles bikes skateboards scooters hovercraft (conveyance of any kind) billboards cell towers radio towers camera towers flag poles towers of any kind including telescopic windmills light poles utility poles water towers buildings sky scrapers coliseums roof tops solar panels hats clothes and all fixed or mobiles structures higher than one inch above ground or sea level. This new patent must be viewed on the official US Patent and Trademark Website.


GRAPHENE the wonder material is 100-200x stronger than steel flexible and virtually transparent excellent conductor of heat and electricity. Ion Power Group has extremely broad intellectual property protection for the use of GRAPHENE as an ion energy collection material on all fixed or mobile structures and vehicles one (1) above ground or sea level. We seek a partner to share in the expenses of expanding this patent's influence to many other countries via PCT filings (PCT already filed).; US Patent 9331603 has officially been issued on May 3rd 2016 to Ion Power Group LLC a research and development firm in the USA. This new Patent must be viewed on the official US Patent and Trademark website.

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