New Class of Biofertilizer Promoting Growth and Stress Tolerance

Background: Rutgers scientists have identified ACC-deaminase-producing bacterial strains that have advantageous effects on overall plant growth in particular turfgrass. Technology Description: Plants infected with ACC-deaminase-producing bacteria are exposed to less ethylene and thus exhibit better overall growth. Indeed plants inoculated with these bacteria species and strains were found to have better growth and quality levels and exhibit enhanced resistance to environmental stressors. Applications: 1) Agriculture 2) Turfgrass 3) Horticulture 4) Biofertilizer 5) Natural biofertilizer


1) No known side effect/toxicity associated with these strains 2) Economical 3) Less negative impact on environment 4) Inoculation of plants leads to improved quality under both drought and salinity conditions

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