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Nessa 12W All In One Integrated Solar LED Street Light

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Nessa "All IN ONE" is an integrated solar street light with built-in solar panel & lithium-ion battery. Using a lithium-ion battery ensures lightweight, robustness and ruggedness of the product. These batteries also are theft proof as they are built into the product and not visible from outside.

This solar street light has a built-in passive infrared motion sensor. This sensor automatically gives the LED light output from the range of full brightness to a lower level. It depends upon the movement occurring around the light. The sensor detects that movements.

The street light is built in a lightweight design, which saves installation costs, and in a rust-proof design, which extends the lifetime of the product.

Model: NES – LIA – 12
Net Power: 12W
Solar Panel Size: 40W
Autonomy: 18 Hours
LED Efficacy: > 139 lm / watt
Recommended Height: 4-5m
Luminary Weight: 3.2Kg
Dimming: Yes

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