NeoCarbons develops the equipment that will enable a profitable industrial scale and real time recycling of CO2 into valuable chemicals. It is designed to remediate in-situ CO2 emissions and assist our industrial models to move to a zero net emissions production model. In the process it will contribute creating clusters of technologies for green energy production high yield energy transformation and applied marine biotechnologies


The equipment is designed to capture CO2 from the emission site and transform it in real time in valuable chemicals (this is industrial scale real time life cycle management of CO2 e.g.the source of valued chemicals and feeds to our economies); The design is patent pending. Developing a prototype is estimated at 18 months and 2 million euros (including all ancillary equipment and controls)then validating in high capacity pilot plant an additional 18 months and 3 million euros (number based from estimates developed for an FP7 project contribution)

Date of release