Nanotechnology Breakthrough Produces Clean Electricity Day and Night


Researchers announce a breakthrough in nanotechnology that produces clean high voltage electricity by harvesting the electric charge of naturally occurring airborne ions day and night. Originally designed as a power source to produce electricity day and night for future Mars missions Ion Harvesting Technology has been demonstrated to also work on Earth generating clean electricity without pollution or harm to humans or animals. Electricity is always present in the atmosphere of Earth and Mars in the form of naturally occurring electrically charged ions. Patented nanomaterials including Graphene and Graphite are elevated to couple to the atmospheric ions thereby harvesting the ions’ electric charge. A wire transports the harvested charge to the ground thus providing clean electricity day and night and even during storms.


Clean renewable high voltage electricity produced day and night and also during storms without reliance on fossil fuels solar wind hydro bio or nuclear.; Proof-of-Concept for multiple applications has been demonstrated. A PhD Technical Report has been published. Demonstration videos available to be viewed on the company website.

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