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Nanoparticle-infused Anti-Glare Coatings for Improved Solar Cells

These anti-glare coatings are manufactured in just two simple steps. First a surface modification technology is applied to create a positive charge on the desired substrates such as glass or silicon. The surface-modified substrates can then be immersed in a water solution containing negatively charged 100 nm silica nanoparticles. The electrostatic interactions between the positive substrate surfaces and the negative silica nanoparticles results in the rapid self-assembly of monolayer particles on the substrates resulting in reduced glare. Application: Nanoparticle-infused anti-glare coatings which are inexpensive to manufacture and allow for the development of more efficient photovoltaics (solar cells).


1) Covers a wider range of wavelengths and incident angles increasing efficiency 2) Produced in two simple steps without high vacuum lowering manufacturing costs 3) Enables uniform double-sided application offering a competitive advantage 4) Can be applied to geometrically complex substrates such as curved surfaces maximizing versatility 5) Compatible with scalable manufacturing techniques ensuring supply can keep pace with growing demand

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