Nanoparticle-Induced Polymer Assembly


This invention provides compositions and methods for inducing and enhancing order and nanostructures in block copolymers and surfactants by certain nonpolymeric additives such as nanoparticles having an inorganic core and organic functional groups capable of hydrogen bonding. Various compositions having lattice order and nanostructures have been made from a variety of copolymers or surfactants that are mixed with nonpolymeric additives. Particularly a variety of nanoparticles with an inorganic core and organic functional groups have been discovered to be effective in introducing or enhancing the degree of orders and nanostructures in diverse block copolymers and surfactants. Applications: 1) Photovoltaics 2) Photonics systems 3) Battery systems - light weight energy storage 4) Display Systems 5) Data Storage Systems 6) Flexible Electronics systems 7) Resist System for Device Patterning 8) Fuel Cell systems 9) Artificial Membrane systems 10) Water Purification systems


High volume processing at a lower cost than existing technologies.

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