Nanoenergetic Materials and Uses Thereof

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This invention involves applications of the released energy from the self propagation of combustion of nanosynthesized thermites. One area of application is in the semiconductor industry for example in the crystallization of amorphous materials such as amorphous silicon thin film doping of various semiconductor materials and the formation of exotic alloys. Nano synthesized thermites also called MIC produces a shock wave and localized heat which can be used to enhance the process of crystallization. With this process we have achieved poly-silicon that would be required for fabricating thin film transistors and solar cells on low cost plastic or glass substrates. Potential Areas of Applications: Semiconductor industry; Flexible thin film transistors; Solar cells. State of Development: Demonstrated and tested in a laboratory setting. Further R&D Required: Need to further optimize the design for commercialization.


1) Can fabricate devices on low cost plastic or glass substrates; 2) High local temperature and shock wave; 3) Can dope various semiconductor materials.

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