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Municipal plastic waste recycling

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Clariter is a clean-technology enterprise that controls proprietary rights to patent-protected technology which uses a chemical process that converts plastic waste into high-grade solvents lubricants and waxes. Clariter’s process can use nearly all types of polyolefin plastics in one mix. In most countries the majority of the plastics that are suitable for Clariter’s process are currently destined for landfills. Solid Waste and especially plastic waste is a major global challenge. The natural degradation of polyolefin plastics takes hundreds of years. Along with the constant growth in population and the limit of land the world is challenged in finding new means to minimize the abuse of its natural resources. Clariter’s Technology enables the processing of mixed plastic waste into valuable chemical products. Clariter uses a chemical process to convert plastic waste feedstock into pure chemical fluids.


Clariter’s produces a wide range of high purity and quality hydrocarbon products. The product offering is divided into families of Aliphatic solvents Process oils (White Oils) and Paraffin waxes and are in-line with industry standards. All of Clariter’s products are characterized by low aromatic content low level of heteroatom impurities (such as Sulphur Nitrogen Chloride Oxygen) and low odor. Currently nearly all such products worldwide are manufactured by processing crude oil.; Proven record of commercial use

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