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Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants


Mapal’s aeration system can be easily installed in any biological reactor and it is an ideal cost effective solution for municipal wastewater treatment plants due to its excellent ROI. The technology eliminates the need to deliver electrical power to the floating unit and enables to easily adjust the power according to conditions. The units automatically adjust themselves to the water depth resolving the leveling problem. Custom manufactured tubular membrane diffusers are installed in each unit and are designed to generate air bubbles that reach the bottom of the lagoon for optimal oxygen transfer. Implementation: Mapal’s CNM system can be implemented in two main applications. 1. For upgrading existing medium and large municipal wastewater treatment plants with fixed surface aerators in concrete basin biological reactors. 2. For excavated biological reactor ponds and lagoons at small and medium size municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities where aeration is otherwise impossible (when it is not practical to empty the reactor or remove the diffusers).


1. Significant energy savings 2. Simple and Safe 3. Low operating and maintenance cost 4. No electrical / moving mechanical parts in the water 5. Safe for HDPE lining 6. Tailor made solutions in order to meet the customer’s requirements 7. Easy and simple installation (No need to stop the process or to drain the biological reactors) 8. Suitable for hazardous and aggressive waste water 9. Suitable for excavated or concrete lagoons; Proven record of commercial use

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