Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Treatment


Rain-Tal specializes in unique solutions for arid and semi-arid climates where water savings is highly important in low volume irrigation for greenhouses orchards and open field agriculture. The company also produces unique Rotary Water Filters that are based on Regenerative Back-Flush cleaning thus no replacement of disposable filter element is ever required. Core technology is based on plastic injection. Most of the water spreading devices are Low Volume Irrigation products made for both surface and overhead irrigation. Most of the devices are specifically designed with unique/patented features such as cleanable nozzles vibratory droplet generation that enables mist generation and prevents clogging etc.


The water filters made of plastic disks of surface pattern that allows easy back wash for cleaning the filter when clogged. The production technology was recently upgraded to disks of mesh grade 3000 (5 microns) that are used in filters for urban and home applications.; Proven record of commercial use

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