Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Treatment


The company produces advanced scrubbing devices based on its proprietary patented technology and innovative proprietary design of the Advanced Vortex Chamber (AVC) delivering revolutionary performance due to much higher gas rotational speeds. Gas Cleaning - Wet-Vortex is a system used for the removal of both pollutant gasses and solid sub-micron particles; Dry-Vortex is used for the removal of fine solid particles from gas/air; SOx- Vortex effectively reduces SOx from industrial emission. Liquid Cleaning - Hydro-Vortex is used for cleaning liquid from particles; Vorsep is used to concentrate sludge by separating the liquid out. Integrated Cleaning - Integrated-Vortex is Wet-Vortex system connected to Hydro-Vortex used to recycle the cleaning liquid.


Vortex Ecological Technologies develops superior systems for cleaning industrial flue gas and liquid from particles or gas pollutants. Based on its Advanced Vortex Chamber (AVC) technology Vortex developed cost-effective solutions for airparticles gases cleaning and hydro-Vortex for cleaning industrial fluids from solid particles.; Proven record of commercial use

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