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The Multiple Seeder SAM Semeato is  an efficient, precise and robust machine appropriated for medium and large properties. It performs seeding of large grains such as corn, soybean, beans, cotton, sorghum and sunflower  and small grains such as wheat, barley, oats, rye and rice.


SEED AND FERTILIZER BOXES; DRIVE WHEEL (The external drive wheels are articulated and with constant pressure in any position, maintaining metering accuracy because the tires are always in contact with the soil. It also promotes greater stability of the machine in tilted areas.)

HYDRAULIC SYSTEM (SAM’s hydraulic system is made by a dual action cylinder that activates the alternator tube, lifting and lowering the machine.)

FERTILIZER ROW (Large Grain System)

SEED ROW (The rows for small and large grains use the parallelogram system, following field irregularities.

Cutting pressure adjustment of seed rows is easily done through a handle that places the articulated mechanisms and automatically fixes the adjustment.)

FERTILIZER METERING (Auger metering system: the distributor’s base is made of thermoplastic material that is easy to clean and avoids component rust.)


Large Grains: The metering of large grains is made through plate system. These are available in a series of models that adapt to different seed types and sizes (soybean, corn, sorghum, bean, cotton and sunflower). It has a hopper over the seeding row promoting refilling facility.

Small Grains: The metering of small grains is made through a cast and machined flutes feed cup for more consistent seed metering. The adjustment of seed quantity is easily done through a steering knob located on both sides of the machine, allowing opening and closing of the rotors.)

Problem addressed: Need for mechanization in order  to foster the transition to large-scale agriculture

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Sources: FAO website(Sustainable Agriculture Mechanization Database)

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