Multiaxis Levitating Vibration Energy Harvester

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Background: Today\'s battery-powered electronics such as smartphones continue to add features that increase power consumption and decrease battery life. Most often users find ad hoc ways to increase battery life purchase larger batteries or have to frequently charge their devices limiting portability. There is a large need and market for technology that increases the battery life of electronic devices. Technology Description: Researchers at Purdue University have developed a device that is capable of converting mechanical or vibration energy into electrical energy to power electronics or incrementally charge batteries. The vibration or motion can come from a machine building or just human movement. Unlike similar devices which can only harvest energy from motion in one direction this device can convert energy from motion in any direction in a 2D plane. This increases the efficiency of energy production and expands the applications of use. This device will extend the life of battery-powered electronics during normal use without connecting to an external power source. Applications: Energy Production


Converts electrical energy from multidirectional motion.

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