The Multi Activity House – Sports, Activities, and Culture Under One Roof


A project is underway in the far north of Sweden to move and relocate the entire city of Gällivare. Public buildings are being replaced, creating a need for innovative, multi-purpose properties. The multi-activity building in the city centre will bring sport, activities and culture under one roof. The city of Gällivare, located in the arctic region of northern Sweden, is relocating. Buildings in areas affected by the mining industry are either being demolished or moved to new locations. Public buildings are being replaced, which is generating a need for smart, innovative multi-purpose buildings. The city centre is to be the site for a new multi-activity building.

The multi-activity building will be the crown jewel of central Gällivare. The six-storey building will house all types of activities for residents to enjoy. Facilities include a swimming pool, a training pool with an advanced, height-adjustable bottom, an adventure pool and spa, sports arena, gym and a climbing wall. There will also be spaces for wrestling, ball games, boxing, weightlifting and bowling.

<h2> A meeting place for everyone </h2>
This new addition to Gällivare will be home to more than just sport. The building will house the Culture School, along with a library, cinema and youth centre. As a complement to these functions, the project groups have added creative workshops with studios and makerspace areas to encourage experimentation and creativity. The heart of the building offers a light, open architectural area, serving as a meeting space complete with restaurant and seating area.

<h2> A complex construction </h2>
Built from wood, a renewable resource with low CO2 emissions, the multi-activity building will become a new landmark in the city. The six-storey structure will be the size of a city block, with the different sections divided by a 100-metre-long indoor street running through the building, connecting the outdoor streets on either side. The building itself is a complex state-of-the-art construction, with an advanced structure and long timber beams. As the different sections have different functional and logistical requirements, innovative solutions are being used to create a building that will last for decades.

The building will house many different activities, all with unique needs and different impacts on the structure. In addition, the Arctic climate requires the building to withstand long, cold winters, while meeting energy requirements and environmental standards. Important aspects considered in the planning process include vibration levels, ventilation, soundproofing, strength and stability, energy efficiency and technical solutions that will facilitate maintenance and use of the building.

<h2> Timetable </h2>
Once complete, the 21,900 m2 multi-activity centre will be an important addition to the city of Gällivare, housing sport, activities and culture. A large construction site, on a limited area of land in a central location, requires extensive planning and efficient logistics. Construction work will start in 2022, with completion and opening preliminarily planned for the end of 2025.

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