MSABP Multi-Stage Activated Biological Process Wastewater Treatment System

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MSABP is water purification technology based on a revolutionary biological treatment process in which a special biological carrier provides immobilization of microorganisms in a multi-stage aeration tank. Principles of treatment are as follows. 1. The effect of multi-stage changes the biota in each tank in an orderly manner thereby forming a food chain. 2. The biological carrier provides an environment in which microorganisms remain active and are able to treat highly concentrated effluent and hard to decompose effluent. MSABP can be used for the following applications. 1. Sewage treatment 2. Treatment of chemical effluent with high COD content in chemical plants pharmaceutical plants cosmetics plants etc. 3. Treatment of hard to decompose effluent such as antiseptics and insecticides. 4. Reduction in excess sludge from easy to decompose effluent such as effluent from food manufacturing plants Teijin's goal is to develop wastewater treatment solutions for a variety of global applications including through incorporation of advanced processing technologies such as MSABP and multi-stage ozone treatment system with hydrogen peroxide. It is hoped that these solutions will contribute to wastewater reuse energy conservation and reduced emissions of CO2. The MSABP system has already been used in facilities that need advanced wastewater treatment including chemical dyeing and food manufacturing plants in Indonesia and China. Teijin has also participated in a field test of MSABP in the Yixing area of Jiangsu Province China where it will be used to provide sewage infrastructure to the local farming community.

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1. Suppresses the generation of excess sludge. MSABP reduces sludge disposal costs not necessary to have a sedimentation pond or to return the sludge. 2. Absorbs the variations in the concentration of raw water plus or minus 50 percent. MSABP facilitates operation and management. 3. Also treats highly concentrated effluent CODcr is less than 50000mg per L. With MSABP no dilution treatment required. 4. Also decomposes hard to decompose effluent BOD per CODcr is greater than or equal to 0.15. MSABP also decomposes surface-active agents etc.; 1. Indonesia Synthetic Fiber Plant. Wastewater was synthetic fiber wastewater that contains preservatives. Treated amount was 200 m3ton per day. As bio-degradability metrics 1200 mg per L of CODcr and 0.15 - 0.25 of BOD per CODcr were achieved. 2. Teijin - Japan Sewage Works Agency publicly funded entity promoting sewage treatment Joint Project Cuts Excess Sludge 80 percent Energy 10 percent and CO2 emission 15 percent compared with conventional treatment methods -...

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