Mobiya TS 120S


Solar Lantern is the new innovation on the lighting market for those who do not have access to reliable lighting. With this product Schneider Electric provide safe green and reliable access to light. With its innovative multiple mounting options that lamp conveniently lights up your surroundings and charges your mobile phone. By having both options: solar and power grid you can easily charge your lamp wherever you are.


1) Energy Efficient Lighting thanks to electronic design LED technology and Lithium Ferro 2) Phosphate battery 3) Water resistant up to 05m depth for one hour 4) Chock Resistant 5) Integrated Mobile phone charger with USB Cable with 5 adapters 6) Up to 48 hours of autonomy with one day of charge 7) User Friendly Plug and Play product 7 simple ways to use the lamp; Type of collaboration sought - For sale Joint venture

Date of release