mo-Wash Mobile Handwasher


The mo-Wash is a standalone handwashing unit developed for use in off-grid and mobile applications such as weddings and funerals. The fully automatic portable floor standing mobile handwasher delivers a 10 second hand wash at the movement of a hand and does not require a foot pump which can be difficult to use.


mo-Wash is a solution to hand hygiene for all settings. Keeping hands clean is critical for preventing the transfer of diseases but bathroom facilities are not always accessible especially when there is a no grid water supply and at events. In addition shared taps in many facilities contribute to the spread of infection.; The mo-Wash unit addresses these two challenges by providing event organisers with a handwashing product that can be transported easily and provides users with a 10 second hands-free€™ wash thereby reducing transfer of germs. The unit requires no plumbing or drainage and can therefore be located anywhere. Mo-Wash is developed and manufactured in South Africa with strong demand and positive feedback from initial customers.

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