Microsensors Augment Wireless Flood Detection Network


This innovative system for real-time tracking of the path and speed of flood waters uses low-cost disposable floating microsensors which are released into flood waters. The microsensors transmit flood path and speed data back to a central processing system as they are carried by the flood waters. A wireless network of fixed sensors is installed on light posts along roads in a city to enable multiple smart city services including traffic pollution and flood monitoring. When the fixed sensor network detects flood conditions the microsensors are automatically released. The data collected by these sensors can be used to monitor the evolution of flood waters in real time generate dynamic maps of affected areas and predict which areas will be affected next. This can help to improve emergency response services and to issue public safety alerts. This flood detection system is part of an integrated Smart City platform that connects numerous sensing systems to improve public safety and municipal service efficiency. This technology is part of KAUST’s technology commercialization program that seeks to stimulate development and commercial use of KAUST-developed technologies. Opportunities exist for joint development patent licensing or other mutually beneficial relationships.


Low-cost disposable floating microsensors.

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