Micronized Biomass Dispenser

The solid fuel dispenser primary function is to inject the right amount of fuel and oxidizer into the incinerator furnace with airflow at the needed pressure to move this mixture in a fluidized way during the chemical reaction of combustion. The dispenser requires a combustion with a temperature above 800 °C to maintain the conditions necessary for self-sustainability and self-ignition of the flame thus achieving complete combustion. Its application goes directly to equipment or systems already having a combustion furnace such as boilers sugar mills paper bins brick ovens dryers waste incinerators etc. However its exploitation it is not limited if the incinerator system is not developed it can be done and/or adapt in all processes that require heat generation including: Industrial Agricultural and Artisan.


Cheap and green energy.; It has been improving for more than 15 years beginning its use in brick ovens greatly decreasing toxic gases due to its complete combustion and the substitution of fuels such as tires and also favoring brick artisans by decreasing the cost of the fuels they used. Since then it has had support from Mexican government in different states and it has been adapted to processes that needed heat like boilers sugar mills paper bins dryers waste incinerators etc.

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