Microalgae-based Biofuel production


UVBI implements a multidisciplinary approach to combine various technologies into a scalable algal farm model which will enable an economic stable and commercial-scale production of oil for Biofuel. The complete model will be consisted of proprietary algal biomass i.e. high oil yielding microalgae strains (UVBI’s core expertise and main emphasis) cultivation and growth system harvesting dewatering and finally oil and/or other biomass fractions extraction. While certain parts of the model will be generic technologies some will be strain-specific.


Microalgae present the highest potential for Biofuel production (e.g. biodiesel ethanol hydrogen JP8 Jet-fuel) due to their immense growth rate high-oil content and the fact that they do not compete on land and/or sweet water use. Moreover algae can also consume CO2 from industrial sources for better growth rate as well as nutrients such as N and P from waste-water thus they have additional added values that can be used as part of the oil production process.; Proven record of commercial use

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UniVerve Biofuel Initiative (UVBI)