Micro-irrigation systems


Metzerplas is a kibbutz-based industry of micro-irrigation products and various types of pipelines: SP pipe for cold and hot water plumbing PE pipes for water infrastructure and telecommunication. Metzerplas unique drippers have been designed with the widest dripper inlet filter and an innovative PC (Pressure Compensating) mechanism for precise irrigation with low-quality water and clog-resistance. The application of the kibbutz first-hand agricultural experience having very scarce and low-quality water resources has led to the development of new state-of-the-art products. Each new Metzerplas irrigation product is put to rigorous lab and field tests prior to marketing and export. Cylindrical and Flat Compensated and Non-Compensated inline and online Drippers - used mainly for irrigation in agriculture landscaping and gardening. Designing full irrigation systems for agriculture. SP pipes - designed for plumbing and water at extreme temperatures and pressures Telecommunication and electric pipes Building high speed production lines for both cylindrical and flat emitters Experienced in both production and actual application of these products the products are attentive and sensitive to the requirements and requests of local manufacturers of dripper lines and are able to supply the technological solutions and backup needed to successfully compete in their markets.


Water effieciency; Proven record of commercial use

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