Micro-irrigation system for smallholder farmers

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Micro-irrigation system for smallholder farmers for horticultural production (e.g. vegetables and fruits), which comprises of: 

_household farm pond (50m3) for harvesting surface runoff, lined with ultra-violet resistance plastic and roofed with either iron-sheet< or shade-net (supported by wooden or metallic structure)

_low-head drip irrigation system: 50-100-litre jerrican kit, or 230-litre mini-tank kit

_Simple hand pump (Hip pump) for lifting water from the farm pond into the drip system

Problem addressed: Water scarcity.

Potential improvement: Water-saving Irrigation System application aiming at harvesting surface runoff.

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Sources: UNFCCC website ( Document : "Technologies for Adaptation in the Agriculture Sector") and the Kenya Rainwater Association website: http://www.kenyarainwater.org/


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