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Methods for preparing high quality nanocrystals that are uniform in size evenly dispersed and stable over time

Applications: 1) Uniformed sized nanocrystals are used in preventative or therapeutic products and formulations such as sunscreens suntan lotions and sunblocks. 2) The nanocrystals also may have magnetic properties which enhance their use in magnetic recording media and read and write heads. 3) Nanocrystals can be used in the area of electrical field deposition technology for thin films and in laser technology for use in laser materials. 4) The grain size of the nanocrystal allows the material to have a tunable bandgap energy which gives rise to tunable optical properties. 5) The outer organic layer or coating uniform size and composition allow the nanoparticles to cross the blood brain barrier useful for pharmaceutical drugs and small molecules. Patent information: Patent Issued (US 8182786)


1) The methods are economical and efficient particularly due to the ready availability of starting material or metal precursors used. 2) The method is reproducible with high typical yields of 80%. 3) The method allows for uniformly-sized and chemically stable nanoparticle products without additional steps. 4) Nanoparticles in this technology are safer and more environmentally benign than their metal carbonyl counterparts.

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